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We are teachers and online essay writers working to build a better public school system for our students. Through our statewide professional network of inspiring teachers, we are making connections to share innovative practices. We also bring the informed perspectives of classroom teachers to bear on policy decisions. We need to change rules that don't work for students as well as they should, and be leading advocates for innovative policy solutions in our public schools.


The number of innovative teachers around the state is astounding. By connecting teachers around instruction and promoting new innovations, classrooms improve.


When informed teachers are in leadership positions outside of their school, their influence increases. We work to get teachers on boards and in union leadership.


Starting with the question "What does it mean for students?" we engage teachers in education policy and support them in advocating for better schools for students.

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Every step counts. This one is easy.


Every step counts. This one is easy.

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The moment it all comes together

My favorite part of the year is when I introduce my science classes to Sharky, my mouse.

This Week in School - Seattle, Tacoma, Clover Park, Highline

Notable this week:

It’s a busy week for school boards in the area! Tacoma and Highline school boards host their regular monthly meetings this week while the Seattle school board will host 8 work sessions/committee meetings and 2 board director coffee hours. Agendas included where available.

More happenings in Seattle, Tacoma, Clover Park and Highline School Districts after the jump!

New Experiences

I just love taking my students out of their comfort zone! It really does give them the chance to rise to the occasion and show their true colors. Not that they have a problem with showing what they are made of, but challenging them does really highlight their true nature of curiosity.

One way that I make this happen is our field science opportunity to the Rainier Beach Urban Farm and Wetland. I am so lucky that this is right across the street from our school and we can just walk there!

We are Teachers United, join us in our mission for better public schools.