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We are teachers working to build a better public school system for our students. Through our statewide professional network of inspiring teachers, we are making connections to share innovative practices. We also bring the informed perspectives of classroom teachers to bear on policy decisions. We need to change rules that don't work for students as well as they should, and be leading advocates for innovative policy solutions in our public schools.




The number of innovative teachers around the state is astounding. By connecting teachers around instruction and promoting new innovations, classrooms improve.

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When informed teachers are in leadership positions outside of their school, their influence increases. We work to get teachers on boards and in union leadership.

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Starting with the question "What does it mean for students?" we engage teachers in education policy and support them in advocating for better schools for students.

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Every step counts. This one is easy.

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TU and the WEA Rep Assembly

Today marks the start of the annual WEA representative assembly in Spokane, and I am proud to have been elected this year as a delegate (I am currently an active substitute teacher in Seattle Public Schools in addition to my role here at TU).  The WEA, our state teachers union, is a powerful representative in Olympia for teachers.  In this day and age, however, in states like Wisconsin, we are seeing that adhering to industrial models of unionism are causing unions to have to adapt or else accept enervation.  We hope to help the WEA adapt to meet the needs of members who are likely to leave the union before it’s too late.

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This Week in School - Seattle, Tacoma, Clover Park, Highline

Notable this week:

Tonight, Seattle Public Schools & Sup. Jose Banda will host the last meeting in their community meeting series. This is the public’s final chance to discuss the district’s 5-year strategic plan for now. The Seattle School Board also has their regular meeting this week. Tacoma and Clover Park are both on Spring Break, and we hope you’re enjoying it!

In other news, join us this Wed for a fun & informative happy hour hosted by one of our most energetic, dynamic teacher leaders. All grade levels welcome!

More happenings in Seattle, Tacoma, Clover Park and Highline School Districts after the jump!

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Promising Teachers, Transformative Teaching

Overheard at last weekend’s 11th Annual (note the correction from the earlier reported 10th) “Teachers of Promise Institute” in Virginia:

 “Students are only ‘at-risk’ if their teachers fail to see their potential.”  Dr. Jo Lynne DeMary, Virginia’s first female state superintendent of public instruction proclaimed these words in front of nearly 100 of Virginia’s top graduates from colleges of education across the state, and it couldn’t be more true.

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We are Teachers United, join us in our mission for better public schools.