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We are teachers working to build a better public school system for our students. Through our statewide professional network of inspiring teachers, we are making connections to share innovative practices. We also bring the informed perspectives of classroom teachers to bear on policy decisions. We need to change rules that don't work for students as well as they should, and be leading advocates for innovative policy solutions in our public schools.




The number of innovative teachers around the state is astounding. By connecting teachers around instruction and promoting new innovations, classrooms improve.

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When informed teachers are in leadership positions outside of their school, their influence increases. We work to get teachers on boards and in union leadership.

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Starting with the question "What does it mean for students?" we engage teachers in education policy and support them in advocating for better schools for students.

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Every step counts. This one is easy.

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The Future of the Profession - NEA / Teach Plus Fellow Final Reflections

Evin Shinn, TU Policy Leader, teaches 11th & 12th grade Social Studies at Cleveland HS. He shares his thoughts from his experience as a NEA/Teach Plus "Future of the Profession" Fellow.

It was in our nation’s capital that my journey with the NEA and Teach Plus started and ended. Nine months ago, we were tasked with making the union more user-friendly and relevant for the early career teachers and the millennial generation – groups that feel disenfranchised with the way the current union is structured, both in custom and usage. When teachers feel like they have to ‘wait their turn’ to make change in their own union, they get discouraged. We sought to change this mentality through social media, lobbying, face-to-face networking, and structured webinars to get our ideas out there.

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An Example of Teacher Driven & Connected PD

Paige Folsom is a teacher in the Clover Park School District and a member of the Professional Development Campaign Team.  She reflects on recent PD she and her fellow teachers advocated to receive this summer.

I want my students to develop mental habits and build a lexicon of language enabling stronger lifelong readers, writers, and speakers in all subject areas.  My colleagues at Clover Park High School share this goal, especially those who have opted to design and teach “Sheltered” classes for intermediate or advanced English language learners. We use texts of History, Biology, or Literature as vehicles to teach enduring language and literacy skills.

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Seattle School Board Chooses Wisely

The Seattle Public Schools Board of Directors moved expeditiously in naming its interim Superintendent. Just hours after the resignation of Jose Banda, Board Director Sharon Peaslee introduced Dr. Larry Nyland as the interim leader of Washington’s largest school district. His contract officially begins August 1, and will extend through June 2015, according to Peaslee.

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We are Teachers United, join us in our mission for better public schools.