Recently, Teachers United reorganized into a volunteer organization based in the South Sound region.


Policy Teams

On May 19, TU discussed and voted on our three focus issues for the coming year:  Professional Development Implementation, Compensation, and Early Career Teacher/Admin Support.  Over the summer months, we will be accepting research suggestions for these policy teams to consider when they convene in the fall.  We are always looking for interested parties to be involved in our research, recommendation, and implementation of our policy work.

Professional Development Implementation:  This past legislative session saw the introduction of House Bill 1345, which saw support in both the House and the Senate.  Ultimately, the bill did not pass as originally written.  So, now we begin to consider how can we still see our recommendations come to fruition and what will that work look like in our schools, district, and state government?

Compensation:  Listening to the dialogue in state government and around our districts, we see that compensation is an important issue for our teachers to research, understand, and have a voice in decisions.  The team is currently gathering research to help inform our policy recommendation.   

Early Career Teacher/Admin Support:  Supporting early career teachers grew out of our research on teacher retention and overwhelming support from our TU253 members.  At our May 19th meeting, we also discussed the need to involve new admin in the research and policy recommendation as they play a key role in mentoring new teachers and creating a building climate.  The team is currently gathering research to help inform our policy recommendation.

Teacher Happy Hour

Getting back to our roots, TU253 is re-introducing Teacher Happy Hours that will meet at least quarterly.  THH is an opportunity to meet like-minded colleagues in the South Sound.  Besides connections, we hope the THH will offer a platform for sharing tips, tools, lesson plans, and inspiration with our colleagues.  Our first meeting will be on July 8 at 3:30PM at Katie Down's, located on Tacoma's Waterfront.  Please join us for summer reflection and nominations of upcoming topics.

Next THH will be on August 12 at 3:30PM at Harmon Taproom.  Come ready to share opening day activities and summer reflection.

Book Club

Join us this summer in reading Made to Stick by Chip and Dan Heath.  We'll be talking abut the text at the October Happy Hour.

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